Draconian Marshmallows : GeoFire

C# Library/Unity package for storing and querying data by geolocation with Firebase Real-Time Databases

Quick Start

To start off - open the test scene so you can see GeoFire storing and retrieving locations via longitude and latitude. This scene is located at Assets/DraconianMarshmallows/GeoFire/example/SaveAndRetrieveLocation.unity in your project files.

Please Note: Class and method names have not been changed while porting to C# so the following Java reference should apply to this version: https://geofire-java.firebaseapp.com/docs

Setting Up the Example Scene with your Firebase Database

  • Install the Firebase DB package for Unity for your project if you have not already. Instructions for installing Firebase's Unity SDKs can be found here: https://firebase.google.com/docs/unity/setup
  • You'll have to setup a location in your DB that's accessible in Unity editor. This guide: https://firebase.google.com/docs/database/unity/start should instruct you how to do so.
  • You'll either have to setup the DB location as public or follow directions under Optional. Editor Setup for restricted access. to allow Firebase DB access in the editor.
  • In the example-scene, select the game-object named LocationController.
  • You'll see a script-component with a "Firebase Db Url" field in the Inspector.
  • Set this field to the Firebase DB location that's accessible in the editor.
  • Hit the Play button.

You should now see the two test locations (enemy_1, enemy_2) stored and retrieved in the Console window.