Our games

Treasure Flip: Halloween Edition

Mobile game for Android Phone and Tablets

Treasure Flip is a memory game where you need to match pairs of tiles.

Put your memory to the test with Treasure Flip game! Match all the bone tiles in as few moves as you can. Be sure to complete all the levels and have fun in this Halloween theme matching game from Draconian Marshmallows Games.

The story takes place with Sylvia Mauro - a twenty something girl - alone going back home late at night. Her car starts to have a strange noise and suddenly stops. She is conveniently close to a huge mansion on the hill. Is this really a coincidence? Follow her story through out the levels.

Our Tools

GeoFire for Unity

C# Library for Storing and Retrieving Data by Geolocation

We ported the Java version of GeoFire for use with Unity.
This is used in the prototype for our project "Tale of a Bard's Yarn".

This library allows you to store and retrieve data in a Firebase Database via Longitude and Latitude.

Query data in a radius around a point anywhere on Earth.

Our Unity/C# port also includes a new optional location-parser to allow meta-data to be included.

Now available on Unity Asset Store

See our quick-start guide here for usage information...

Projects in Development

Lucky Word

Find words in the jumble

Spin the wheel for bonuses and complete all 20 levels of 8 different topic

Coming soon to mobile and tablet on Android and Amazon Kindle

Tale of a Bard's Yarn

Location Based Mobile RPG Game

  • Wander the Earth and discover the magical tale of the bard's yarn.
  • Discover treasures and combat enemies.
  • Hoard your treasure, bury, hide and lock it away to avoid theft by enemies and other adventurers!
  • Build your base - invite your friends to defend it!!

Alphas and betas coming in 2018

Invaders Strike Back

City Mass Destruction

Destroy all the targets, and have fun blowing stuff up!

Coming soon to mobile

Preview on Newgrounds


Experimental Sandbox Game

Multi-player experience using UNET.

Assets are loaded from asset-bundles. Which allows you to use any assets that can be packaged in bundles.

Public Git sub-module is included allowing people to contribute code to add functionality.

We've got most of the functionality working for this, but the project's shelved in order to complete other projects with smaller scopes.